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Your Greenfee-Scout Professionals -

The People and Service behind Greenfee Scout

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About us

About us


Greenfee-Scout. com.
The whole Team consist of people, who are all Professionals in their jobs and fore sure everyone love the game of Golf.
Some of them playing since 35 years in every part of the world.

One thing we can tell you for sure, we know what Golfer likes.
Our passion and task we see, to give the Golfers the best possible transparency on their holiday golf courses, also you obtain first-class and fair offers.
First: Every Golfclub we gone offer you, we gone visit personally and make precised analysis. All datas about the Golfclubs and Golfcourses you could read in every single Club fact.
Second: To keep the Standard high, we set up an specially Rating Tool for Golfclubs and Golfcourses.
Because, who could make a better qualitiy review than our many golfing guests. Please help us, the game of golf and of course the Golfclubs with your opinion.
The Golfdestinations we will offer you, are firstly Turkey, followed in the near future by Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece, VAE, Maroccan, Egypt, Bulgaria and many others.
Greenfee Scout was founded in March 2009.
Greenfee Scout belongs toTeam Golf Golfakademie GbR, based in Saarlois/ Germany.

5 Reasons why we are your best Service Partner

  • Simply and fast, with only a few Klicks to your guaranteed, most favorable Greenfee
  • Directly offers of golf clubs and prominent agencies
  • Disered Starting Times
  • English and German service at your holiday venue
  • Reliable Ratings from Golfprofessional to Beginner, everybody is rating